Amusement Parks

Amusement ParksAmusement Parks have long been an establishment of entertainment. Families mark their calendars early in the year to prepare to travel to America's destinations of adventure. It is incumbent on every Theme Park to prepare as well. The poor choices a a few can jeopardize the safety of every Guest...

Venues hosting large gatherings of people are now "hot spots" for those intending to inflict harm and invoke terror among today's families. Providence conducts random Explosive Safety Sweeps to serve as both detection and deterrence. Gates are then open to the public with peace of mind.

Our highly skilled Contraband Teams discover more than Illicit Narcotics, to include the presence of Alcoholic BeveragesCommonly Abused Medications, and Firearms.

Safety Sweeps for prohibited substances are provided in Employee areas answering the questions you struggle with concerning the very Personnel operating dangerous equipment involving your Guests. The amazing olfactory abilities of our Working Canines answers these question.