Pipeline Construction

Pipeline ConstructionThe need for safety in the midst of Pipeline Construction is paramount to the Industry. The life flow of the processed end product depends on it. Federal and State Guidelines are in place. Safety Officials oversee protocol and Personnel in some of the most remote regions in the country, far from the well traveled highways. A poor choice of one can stop progress on a dime. Testimonials from our many faithful Clients are available for your review.

Oil Companies and Pipeline Construction Teams call upon the unique skills of Providence to conduct random Compliance Audits to insure Corporate Policy is followed. Our highly skilled Contraband Teams discover more than Illicit Narcotics, to include Alcoholic BeveragesCommonly Abused Medications, and Firearms. Our Safety Sweeps will provide answers to the Questions you seek.

Whether illicit narcotics, alcoholic beverages, commonly abused medications, or even firearms - the amazing olfactory abilities of our Working Canines will both detect and deter. As one in Leadership, you desire to know what is really taking place in the field.

Providence respects the men and women in the ever growing Energy Industry. They are admired. The poor choices of a few are not.