Distribution Centers

Distribution CentersThe Distribution Center serves as a central hub where consumer products are dispersed to numerous retail outlets. It is here that illicit narcotics or explosive threats are often packaged and delivered to other destinations. The legal liability is enormous if gone unchecked. Providence is here to provide answers when Questions arise.

Additionally, our highly skilled Contraband Teams discover more than Illicit Narcotics, to include the presence of Alcoholic BeveragesCommonly Abused Medications, and Firearms.

Through our random Safety Sweeps, utilizing the skills of our Working Canines, you can rest in the fact that you are sending a message to all Employees of both detection and deterrence.

There is no need to shut down the work progress or evacuate due to our presence. Our Working Canines are well versed in social deployment. We look forward to assisting you in creating a safer working environment...