ManufacturingAmerica is always at work. It is what makes us great. At the heart of this work, is the Employee. Because the Manufacturing venue calls on numerous faithful Employees to get the job done, it is the responsibility of Management to keep them safe.

Our highly skilled Contraband Teams discover more than Illicit Narcotics, to include the presence of Alcoholic BeveragesCommonly Abused Medications, and Firearms.

The poor choice of one affects the populace and your bottom line. Employee morale suffers if Leadership turns the other way. As one in Leadership you may begin to wonder about the quality of production. Our Working Canines provide answers when Questions arise. Testimonials from our many faithful Clients are available for your review.

Providence provides non-aggressive Working Canines to conduct random Safety Sweeps without interruption to the work day. In the event of an explosives threat, we deploy readily...