"Their quality of work, integrity, and desire to serve schools is second to none!"

- High School Administrator

"Thank you for your presentation to the Oklahoma Commission on School Security. Great presentation! Your information made the issue real and sobering. Please pass along our appreciation to Blue Boy!"

- Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma

"Providence provides just what we need in the oilfield! Your dogs are amazing!"

- Oilfield Safety Supervisor

"Providence would be a wonderful asset and addition to any school district that is making efforts to commit to providing a safer learning environment."

- High School Basketball Coach

"Your attention to detail and professionalism amazes me each time you are at our school!"

- High School Principal

"Thank you for providing for my safety with your explosives sweeps within the venues of my speaking opportunities."

- Foreign Diplomat

"Providence makes a difference! They have our respect."

- Chief of Police

"As I have watched Providence deal with our students and faculty, one thing continues to impress me, Providence cares!"

- High School Administrator

"Thank you for doing such a great job for us. I can't tell you what a privilege it is to work with someone of your caliber. I look forward to working with you next year."

- Drug Education Counselor

"Providence goes above and beyond what is expected with their customer service. The professionalism they demonstrate is greatly appreciated."

- Assistant Principal

"We are so glad to have found you! Your understanding of what we need is really incredible. Thank you so much for keeping us safe."

- Assistant Director of Detention Facilities

"In every type of situation, they show great respect for all who are involved, which isn’t always easy."

- High School Administrator

"Providence does an amazing job helping us provide a safe learning environment for our Students! Their Staff is knowledgeable, professional and always willing to go above and beyond to help us."

- Technology Center Director

"We love your dogs and how very smart they are! We also appreciate the training provided to our staff. Thank you for caring."

- Drug Rehabilitation Supervisor

"When Providence is in our buildings, our students are very comfortable in initiating conversation and interacting with all Providence personnel."

- Assistant Principal

"I want to express my appreciation for the work you have done working with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement in the war against drugs. Your K-9's skills and your dedication as his Partner and Handler have enhanced the mission of Law Enforcement."

- Governor of Oklahoma

"Providence is the real deal! I recommend them highly."

- Division 6A Athletic Director

"I am truly grateful for the commitment our District makes in providing safety for all of our students.  I am equally as grateful that we have Providence on our campuses being visible and aiding us along this path to school safety."

- High School Administrator

"I am continually impressed by the professionalism of Providence. Their Handlers are well educated and informed in current trends and always up to date on case law. Providence dogs fill the gap in detecting what our street dogs cannot. And Providence are not only experts at detection, but prevention and education as well."

- Law Enforcement Officer

"You definitely have a great Team (and one that sacrificially gives above and beyond!) We are so honored to get to partner with you to make our schools and communities safer."

- High School Administrator

"Thank you for the services you provide to our School District - all with the focus on protecting our Students, Staff, and Visitors to our Campuses! We appreciate the partnership we have with Providence Working Canines."

- Superintendent of Schools

"Thank you to Providence for helping us make our School safer for our Students and Staff. Their professionalism is second to none."

- Technology Center Director

"It should be noted that our investigation revealed Students are very reluctant to bring narcotics on Campus due to the District's long standing relationship with Providence."

- Undercover Law Enforcement

"I hope you know that I truly appreciate the role that you and your organization have played here in recent years and the impact that this has had on Student drug use."

- Alternative Education Principal

"Thank you for all the great work you have done with our School over the years!!"

- Catholic High School Principal

"Steve Mortensen is a skilled and knowledgeable professional in the field of Working Canines. I would highly recommend Steve for your Working Canine needs!"

- Senior Security Consultant

"You and your organization do a great job! We feel very fortunate to be in a partnership with Providence."

- High School Principal

"You guys are the best!"

- Private Upper School Principal

"I really appreciate the good things you do for our School and all the Schools in our State."

- Assistant Superintendent

"No doubt you are already well aware of the level of professionalism of your Handlers, but I know how rare and valuable positive feedback can be. Your Handler today carries herself at all times with confidence and courtesy. I didn’t ask, but I am assuming that you personally trained her, because all actions and interactions were those of a seasoned veteran. Attention to detail during searches was spot on and these were done without giving up ground considering personal safety. All verbiage and interaction with Students and Administrators was conducted with upmost professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of the business. I just wanted to pass this along; not because any other Handler with your organization has shown any less than the same, but because I was so impressed that this young of a Handler is at this level of expertise. Thanks again for all that you and your Handlers do for our District. God bless you and yours."

- Chief of Campus Police

"Your professionalism is absolutely outstanding! The impact Providence makes on the lives of our Students is without comparison."
- Superintendent of Schools

"If Providence were ever to leave our District, the presence of drugs in the both the Middle and Secondary sites would grow exponentially." 
- Campus Police Officer
"Providence is doing amazing things!"
- PhD Candidate in Forensic Science

"Thank you for your commitment to keeping Students safe in our community and in so many others. Words cannot express what it means to me as an Educator and as a Parent. Blessings for your efforts."
- High School Administrator
"Providence has changed the culture of our small Community!"
- Superintendent of Schools

"We are very appreciative of all that you do. I can promise you that Providence is a GREAT asset to the District and to its Administrators!"
- High School Administrator

"We are so glad to have found you! Your understanding of what we need is really incredible. Thank you so much for keeping us safe!"
- Assistant Director of Detention Facilities

"I will be retiring at the end of this school year and I will pass your contact info on to my successor along with a strong recommendation that he continues to utilize your service!  It's been great working with you and I believe your service is truly beneficial for both our students and our staff!"
- Superintendent of Schools

"I believe your service is extremely valuable to schools and the communities they serve, and greatly helps School Administrators to be proactive and allows them to spend more of their time focusing on instructional leadership!"
- Superintendent of Schools
"You undoubtedly save lives!"
- Private School Administrator

"I am retiring after 45 years in Education.  It has been a pleasure to work with your Company.  Thanks for your dedication to the safety of Students throughout our Country!"

- Retiring Superintendent of Schools