Press Release

Providence MedallionTULSA, OKLAHOMA – On any given day in America, poor choices are made. When these choices are made in the workplace and learning environment, the threat is real. The reality of this choice will often compromise the safety of any organization’s greatest asset – its people. Providence Working Canines exists to this end.

Utilizing the amazing olfactory ability of highly skilled Working Canines in the workplace and learning environment, the Certified Teams of Providence provide answers when questions arise. Vice President, Stephen Mortensen of Providence Working Canines, began working scent discrimination canines in 1987 with the use of Bloodhounds for Law Enforcement, seeking fleeing felons and missing persons. Today, the ever present reality of illicit narcotics, alcoholic beverages, commonly abused medications, and firearms are accurately detected throughout a three state region under Providence, clearly providing a safer working and learning environment for all. Explosives Detection Teams are also available to respond to any sense of threat providing both successful detection and deterrence.

Clients call upon the skills of Providence to provide their widely acclaimed Safety Sweeps to minimize the presence of unwanted contraband, mitigate risk, reduce exposure, and to protect assets. By sitting in the presence of the target odor, property remains intact and the substance is revealed. Dramatic reductions in the presence of contraband have been realized by those trusting in the skills of the friendly Working Canines of Providence.

The greatest asset in any organization is its people. A safe environment is both anticipated and required. In today’s uncertain world, Providence is “succeeding where man alone never could.”