What can your dogs detect?

Providence Working Canines are imprinted specifically on illicit substances, i.e. Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, and Designer Drugs. Additionally, we deploy canines that can detect the illicit substances and Alcoholic Beverages, Commonly Abused Medications, and Firearms. Providence can provide single-purpose Explosives Detection Canines upon request.

Are your dogs certified?

Yes. All Providence Teams are certified as reliable by State and/or National Certification entities. Providence rejects the concept of "in-house certifications" and will only certify via independent, unbiased agencies. Providence will never deploy uncertified Teams.

Are Providence Handlers proficient and well trained?

Yes. Without question, the Teams of Providence have received some of the finest training available in our industry. They not only are trained in the proper handling of highly skilled Working Canines, but also possess exemplary people skills that enable them to conduct themselves professionally in every instance. Within our Education Division, our Handlers are trained to provide education in the classroom setting, faculty in-service training, and student assemblies, thus meeting every aspect of our Client's Educational Requests. Topics include, School Safety & Violence, Contraband Awareness, Understanding the Fourth Amendment, and finally, the Amazing Olfactory Ability of the Working Canine. Within our Commercial Division, our Staff relate with confidence to Client personnel from the loading dock to Corporate Executive.

How do you know when your dogs find unwanted contraband?

Our Working Canines signal an alert by sitting at the source of odor. Our Working Canines do not scratch in the presence of odor, thus protecting Corporate, School, and Student property.

Is it necessary for us to "lockdown" upon your arrival?

No. At Providence, it is important to us that our presence results in minimal interruption to the working/learning environments. Providence will only bring non-aggressive canines to the learning environment during a Safety Sweep. We encourage Administrators, Supervisors, Students, and Employees to interact with our Teams during our visit. There is no reason to hold bells, deny hall passes, or even close doors due to our arrival.

Do you have the support of Law Enforcement?

Yes. Providence enjoys an excellent relationship with Law Enforcement. Because most of our Handlers come from an LE background, we understand and respect the demands placed on Officers. When our Clients request an LE presence due to the results of a Providence Safety Sweep, the responding Officer can be assured that our Handlers are well versed in current case law and complete evidentiary documentation will be provided upon his/her arrival. In addition, Providence trains with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement to maintain the efficiency of our Working Canines.

Law Enforcement realizes the distinction between our Working Canines and LE K-9's working the streets. While LE Police K-9's are limited to marijuana and narcotic odors, Providence Working Canines deploys Contraband Detection Dogs (CDD) to scent discriminate not only Illicit Narcotics (Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, Designer Drugs, and Synthetics), but Alcoholic Beverages (#1 Killer in the Learning Environment), Commonly Abused Medications (All Time Epidemic Levels), and Firearms (see Providence Field Work)! If LE were to imprint their K-9's on these additional odors, they would not be able to work scent discrimination with these dogs on the streets. Providence also deploys Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) to locate high end explosives.

Once again, the men and women of Law Enforcement understand the difference we bring and welcomes the presence of Providence to assist their community...

Is Providence affordable?

Yes. Many of our Clients have developed creative options in which to afford the skills of Providence. Feel free to contact our Office for suggestions.