Nearly two years ago, a longtime School Administrator and Friend, challenged Providence to consider leaving behind our “Old School” form of reporting and to “Go Green!” He informed us that Providence has been so busy keeping our Clients safe throughout the years, we had failed to look up and notice technology had passed us by. To this end, Providence has embraced the challenge given us and have been in beta testing over the last year. Here’s how it works…


All Providence Reporting is now conducted electronically right from the Field!

  • Handlers formulate all Reports and send wirelessly via an Apple iPad.
  • Evidentiary Photos are embedded in the document.
  • Statements are time stamped and geotagged.
  • Evidence is bagged and signed over to our Client directly from the Field, causing less interruption to the Academic Day. Our Clients then may send all documentation seamlessly to Law Enforcement.
  • Both Statements and Service Forms are immediately sent to our Client, the Providence Office, and archived on encrypted servers.
  • Training Reports are formulated daily and wirelessly sent to the Providence Office.
  • District Attorney may receive all necessary legal data easily upon request.


Our Handlers enjoy rapid access to all instructional data, now in digital form, replacing the large former three ring binder Field Book from the past…

  • All Client Data is immediately at hand and up to date.
  • Time Sheets and Expense Reporting are directly linked to the Providence Office.
  • Working Canine Health Records and Treatments are readily available.
  • Proper Providence Procedures, Job Descriptions, Handler Testing, Scent Work, Marking Behaviors, Case Law, etc. are provided for Handler review.
  • Handlers are incentified through Field Photo Contests uploaded and judged by a School Administrator.
  • Contemporary trends and intelligence are shared among Handlers and archived.
  • And so much more!


Providence has prepared a vast array of contemporary intelligence, data, charts, photographs, and videos to educate and inform our valued Clients to the reality of the dangers in their respective places of responsibility…

  • Illicit Substance Data per Category
  • Street Terms
  • Stealth Paraphernalia
  • Drug Detection Periods
  • DEA Schedules I thru V
  • Symptoms & Warnings
  • Concealed Weapons
  • Bomb Threats
  • The Active Shooter
  • Safe Prom Suggestions
  • And so much more!

In addition, the new Providence Web Presence provides every visitor an inside look at the amazing abilities of the Scent Discriminating Canine. There have been literal hundreds of man hours invested in providing the information found here. As one in Leadership, it is our hope this information allows you to better understand the responsibility that is uniquely yours…